13 Interesting things to do at Summer Vacation in Turkey

Food, heritage sites, unmatchable scenery, growing real estate, and adventure – Turkey boasts to be a destination that satisfies the summer vacation cravings of every travel enthusiast. The nation’s mesmerizing beauty and enchanting culture leave an indelible impression on any traveler on vacation that visits this country. A summer vacation to Turkey will deliver the best summer break and vacation experience and leave a memorable summer holiday experience.

Turkey is known for its coffee and food, but let us spill a secret! This ideal summer vacation spot has a lot many to offer in its kitty. Yes! We mean it. Wondering what they could be? Move ahead to know more about things to do in summer vacation in Turkey.

1. Explore its rich culture and architectural landmarks

Turkey is the home of 10,000 years of human civilization. That said, Turkey’s sightseeing offers a perfect blend of ancient architecture and modern landmarks on one’s holiday. This perfect summer break vacation spot is the home of Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world. Most Turkey summer vacation packages do certainly incorporate this temple in their travel itinerary.

A summer vacation in Turkey will be incomplete without a visit to its heritage rich mosques and beautiful landscapes. The real estate in Turkey is growing so fast which means soon visitors can feast their eyes with the sight of many more modern-day architectural wonders.

2. Relish Turkey’s signature cuisine

Turkey will make a dream summer vacation and holiday spot for street food fans and alcohol lovers. Yes, the country is known for its diverse range of lip-smacking street food options from the roadside vendors. Raki, the local alcohol is one sure thing a booze lover tourist to Turkey would never miss. Traditionally Raki is served with ice and water, though one’s creativity limits their experimentation with this drink.

Another drink that one should taste on their Turkey summer vacation is Ayran. Made of yogurt, water, and salt, this drink refreshes and energizes after a full-fledged sightseeing day on a summer break.

Turkey is famous for its signature dishes such as Ezogelincorba, Cag kebab, Yaprak dolma, etc. that are made of the freshest of the ingredients. Turkish menu also is expanding with the addition of many latest-gen recipes and anyone on a vacation to Turkey should not miss special delights such as Pide, Tursu, MaraşDondurma, Manti, etc. with many young chefs unleashing their creativity.

By the way, we would love to explain a little more about MaradDondurma here. After a long walk on your summer break, you should try this ice cream on your Turkey summer vacation and holiday. Made with flour derived from orchid tubers, this ice cream melts so slowwwww that this alone will make an ultimate summer special on summer vacation to Turkey.

And how can we not mention the signature fish sandwich of this awesome summer holiday destination? Turkey’s exclusive fish sandwich is served with a dash of pickle juice and it is available at many tourist spots such as Galata Bridge or River Bosphorous.

3. Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia

Dreaming for an out of the world summer break experience and unforgettable vacation and holiday in Turkey? Turkey’s Cappadocia promises just that!

Cappadocia is world-renowned for its most unusual landscapes. It won’t be wrong to mention that this place offers an out of Earth experience to its visitors. These mysterious landscapes are best experienced by air in hot air balloons. Also, these rocky beauties make excellent hiking spots and you’ll be thrilled with the sight of 1000 years old fresco-decorated cave churches all around.

All these cave churches are made of rock and are one of the best tourist spots in Turkey.  Open-air museums that are special for intricate details and colors around these churches also make a good place to visit on a summer vacation to Turkey.

Here is an idea of how to get the best sightseeing experience at Cappadocia during Turkey vacation and holiday:

Plan for an early morning sunrise seeing experience in the hot air balloon, then visit the Güllüdere I (Rose Valley I) and abandoned cave village of Çavuşin, cover the Love Valley later, and then go dig in the Turkeys’ freshest lunch menu and eat heartily. On average, 2 nights and 3 days would suffice for exploring Cappadocia.

4. Give your soul a relaxing therapy in thermal pools

The Pamukkale Thermal Pools are a famous summer destination in Turkey. The unique and mesmerizing calcium deposits in the shape of cataracts, stalactites, and potholes attract tourists from all over the world for their natural beauty. Besides, the water in the pools are well known for their therapeutic power. They are said to heal skin problems, asthma, eye-related issues, and rheumatism.  Tourists often express a soul relaxing experience after relaxing in these turquoise springs and thermal pools.

5. Mingle with and get to know about Highlanders

A summer vacation to Turkey feels incomplete without getting toe experience the seasonal traditions of Highlanders. This is the time when locals take the drive cattle for grazing up the hills full of lush green grass. They also celebrate Vartovor festivities which involve performances with their traditional musical instruments in cultural attire.

6. Relive the bygone era of Trojan horse

It is well known that Turkey is the land of the legendary Trojan war. The land is now a great reminiscence of its great heroes known for their political and historic significance. Tourists to Turkey can get the view of the replica of the famous Troy horse. Do remember to climb inside the horse and take away unforgettable moments after Turkey’s summer vacation and holiday.

7. Never miss Turkish spa experience

Here’s another not to miss thing to do when on a Turkey vacation. Turkish massage is a tradition where locals practice it once a week. Turkish spas are known for their unique style of exfoliation, massages, and traditional style of baths. Gents and ladies have different sections and the masseuse treats your body like a temple when scrubbing it all with their signature salts and massage oils. All that you need to do is just close your eyes and feel the relaxation from deep inside the body.

8. Pay a visit to Pigeon valley

Well, we are wise enough not to judge a book by its cover, aren’t we? So don’t get confused with the name Pigeon here and ask us why should we sight-see pigeons! Here’s what pigeon valley is known for – huge numbers of pigeons of various species flock here and local people treat them with utmost love and care. This place is also known for the blue evil eye tree, onto which blue evil eyes are tied with a belief that doing so removes all the evil and bad luck! These blue evil eyes are also found hanging in many houses in Turkey and this is one of the things that would surprise everyone who visits Turkey on vacation and holiday.

9. Admire the construction of the Blue Mosque

This six minaret mosque comprising of 26 columns and 30 domes is yet another tourist attraction during the Turkey vacation. The Blue Mosque’s bluish interiors showcase a distinct style of architecture, with its balconies, courtyard, and domed portico enhancing its beauty. One would really find a charm in this ancient Ottoman era of construction which is in striking contrast with the developing and modern real estate in the country. This mosque requires appropriate clothing before one enters it; cloaks are provided for those who are not aware of this rule. This mosque, popularly called Sultan Ahmed Mosque, stands opposite to yet another famous landmark, Hagia Sophia.

Once a church for hundreds of years, then turned into a church, Hagia Sophia is the fourth largest church in the world. This church also attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world due to its interesting mix of religion in its inners.

10. Watch the Sacred Dance Dervish

Designed out of spiritual practices called Sama and Dhikr, Dervish is a spiritual ceremony practiced by Sufis. This involves dancing to special music in devotion to the Great Lord. The music and the beats that flow out of special musical instruments and the steps to the soulful lyrics all add a special charisma to this sacred dance. This is one of the things not to miss when on a relaxing summer vacation and holiday to Turkey.

11. Sip on Turkey special coffee and tea

Traditionally Turkey is known for its strong coffee. Served black with the beans at its bottom, even non-coffee lovers would try Turkey coffee on their summer holiday and vacation to Turkey.

But Turkey tea is another drink that is famous here too. Served in tulip-shaped cups, çay as it is called here, Turkish tea is available on every street of the country. It is a tradition to serve çay to guests and consume as a part of office breaks too.

12. Try Turkey style hookah

Available in Nargile bars, communal hookah pipe, or Shisha, as it is popularly called, tourists to Turkey do definitely try this on their vacation here. This is also a popular pastime of locals here. Bars serve flavored tobacco in beautifully decorated glasses of various shapes that would impart you the feeling of enjoying the Sultanate style of hookah.

13. Wander around the underground city of Derinkuyu

This city was once underground and came into light in 1963. It contains several tunnels and is allowed for visitors up to 8 stories. Studies say this underground city comprising 18-stories, was once the home of 20,000 people!

Want to know more about Turkey’s summer vacation and holiday? Okay, here we go! Surfing lovers spend their whole day surfing at Alanya on the Mediterranean and Kerpe on the Black Sea. Additionally, shopping Turkish pottery and paying a visit to a silk carpet factory, visiting Pergamum – one of the three ancient cities of Turkey, collecting handicrafts, artifacts and antique pieces at the Grand Bazaar, going hiking at Mount Nemrut or enjoying the Bosphorus Ferry Ride are some of the things tourists never miss on their summer vacation to Turkey.

Planning to visit Turkey for this summer vacation? What else do you wish to know?

Already visited Turkey on your vacation? What are your experiences? Did we miss any interesting things to do during summer vacation in Turkey? We would love to know through your comments.

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