7 Interesting things about Turkey International Airport

Turkey International airport is dazzling and beats many international airports, including John F Kennedy and Changi, in many aspects. As we move on in this post, we will look into the seven interesting things about Turkey’s international airport.

Turkey’s land is a conjunction of many things diverse – long breath-taking coastline and balmy mountainous ranges; rich heritage safeguarded with care and dazzling modern malls and buildings. The country has always been alluring to the rest of the world. Now here is another striking addition into this charming country’s basket – the Istanbul New Airport.

Size of Turkey Airport

Ever since its announcement, Istanbul’s new airport was always in the news. Spanning over 76.5 million square meters, which is as much as Leicester’s city in England, the Istanbul new airport is the largest ever infrastructure project in Turkey. The construction took three and a half years, creating a record of its own, among the world’s major infrastructure and developments.

The airport holds another record too – the shifting of the operations from the old airport to this took only 45 hours, making it the fastest shift of activities in aviation history. Officials say over 686 trucks were employed to shift 47,000 tons of equipment to the new airport. Alongside the equipment, 337 planes were shifted to the new airport, too, within this time interval.

Capacity of Turkey Airport

Since its operations from October 2018, the airport handled 90 million passengers to date over its three runways.

Once all the four phases are completed, this gigantic airport attains a total capacity of handling 200 million passengers per year. With flights to over 300 destinations on six runways, the Istanbul international airport will be the busiest and biggest international airports in the world, once it fully comes into operation.

Design of Turkey Airport

The design of the Turkey airport is elaborate and interwoven in the shape of H and spidery look design at the base. The main terminal’s transit hall is in the shape of the Bosphorus Strait. nIt connects to multiple piers of the terminal through long and elaborate walkways. Turkey airport has six gates – 5 international and one domestic.

The entrance plaza of the Turkey airport comprises distinct sections for rail, metro and bus routes for passengers to commute into the city.

Features of Turkey Airport

Shopping, food, fun, and rest – all comes as a comprehensive package along with travel when flying through Istanbul’s new airport. Spawn across one million square meters of retail shopping space; there are three buildings in this terminal to enhance the traveler’s experience.

Europe’s renowned hotel brand YotelAir is all set to establish the largest terminal hotel in the continent with 450+ rooms.

Location of Turkey Airport

Just 35 km from the heart of the city, Istanbul’s new airport is in the north of the city between the residential areas of Yenikoy and Akpınar along the Black Sea coast. The soaring views of the Black sea and the radiance of the city’s modernity binds the passengers with their breath-taking views. And we all know how the city is all ready to charm the passengers as they step out of the Turkey airport with its modernity, heritage, and the hospitality of the Turkish people.

Distinctions of Turkey Airport

The Istanbul new airport is operated by International General Aviation (IGA) and is designed for energy efficiency with the skylights in the vaulted ceilings of the terminal offering natural daylight. Artificial intelligence and mobile apps are applied for customer scanning and security checks.

  • The new Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Kemerburgaz-Göktürk-İhsaniye underground line will enable the passengers to reach Turkey airport within less than half an hour.
  • 114 gates, 20,000 waiting seats, 228 passport control desks, and 40,000 parking spaces – the figures say it all about the colossal nature of the Turkey airport.
  • The design of the 90m-tall Air Traffic Control tower with an area of 6,085 square meters over 17 floors are inspired by the Tulip flower, which holds immense significance in Islamic references in Turkey, grabbed the International Architecture Award in 2016.
  • International and Turkish cuisine is all available for travelers across the many eateries’ outlets within the Turkey airport.

Travelers can access the IGA Lounge of the Turkey airport for all 24 hours a day, and it spans 4,420 sqm having the potential to accommodate 584 people. It also comprises two meeting rooms, four quiet rooms, and a kids’ room. The lounge gives a perfect sense of relaxation to the tired travelers by offering them amenities such as billiard tables, game areas, private cinema rooms, and showers.

Importance of Turkey Airport

Located at the heart of the Europe-Asia conjunction, the Istanbul New airport would like no wonder to boost the country’s economic and commercial significance. Turkey is already well connected with many countries all across the world. This new Turkey airport will give a major push for foreign and domestic travel to and within the country.

Especially in the areas of real estate and tourism, experts say, Turkey airport will change the face of the city and the country.

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