What is the Best Time to Visit Assam – Top 10 Places in Assam

Assam is known together with the foremost known and delightful places in Assam. An area of seven sisters within the northeast of the country, it’s Choke-a-Black with amazing surprises and amazing experiences. The foremost visited and best time to visit Assam is in either winter or summer. Both this point is extremely suitable for visiting Assam. 

Winter is cool but pleasant and summer is refreshing. However, stand back from the monsoon season because it rains heavily within the region during these months, and visiting Assam isn’t a simple season.

The situation is such that it gives absolutely to fragrant tea gardens, this crop is legendary everywhere on the earth. There are parks and nature reserves for wildlife with exotic animals, including the horned rhinoceros and hence the Asian elephants, also as many species of Asian birds. Nature lovers will fully enjoy the visit to Assam because it is home to several scenic spots and villages. Assam tourism is amazing and a requirement seems. Whether it’s summer or winter, Assam conveys its beauty to everyone or anyone who can explore this land. The major important factor is that Assam may be a place that is embraced by both manmade and natural things.

Summer (April-June)

If you’re thinking of booking your Assam tickets for summer, you’ve got chosen an exquisite time to visit Assam. The weather is mild and lasts only from March to June. 

The weather is pleasant and you initially attempt to determine what Assam gets during the day. The temperature shouldn’t exceed 37 C, and when it’s hot, have a robust shower rescue.

Monsoon (July-September)

It is advisable to avoid Assam during monsoons as this place in Assam receives the very best rainfall in India. This season starts in June and sometimes lasts till September. 

While rain is usually a significant obstacle to places in Assam of interest, frequent landslides that impede your movement through Assam can break and effectively ruin your vacation.

Winter (October-March)

October to March is the best time to visit Assam. The climate is right, with cool winds blowing from the Himalayan mountain ranges as a measure of warmth and humidity. 

March is the best time to visit Assam because of the harvest festival, Bihu is widely known as a grant form during this time to visit Assam. And thus, this point is taken into account together with the simplest happy time to visit Assam.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Assam

Assam causes you to think! It does! Avoiding the eyes of nature lovers and adventure lovers, Assam is certainly a treat! The Northeastern State may be a symbol of its natural beauty and sometimes delicious culture. 

Tribal traditions, tea gardens, vast islands, inns, abundant wildlife, majestic Brahmaputra, exotic Bihu dances, fragrant cuisine, and pleasant people are the true features of this excellent destination referred to as Assam. 

This is often one among the places in Assam that provides you the thought that the country is different and filled with colours, don’t realize the planet!

So, here are some places in Assam while travelling to Assam as a neighbourhood of your vacation.


It seems that the elders within the community can never fail. He once called Guwahati Pragjyotishpur (Eastern Light) and that we believe that Guwahati lived up to its current title. It’s the leading important metropolitan city within the Northeast and is additionally commonly referred to as the Gateway to Northeast India. 


Located within the turbulent Brahmaputra and touching the mountainous regions of the Shillong Plateau, Guwahati enjoys an infinite natural beauty that was once clearly visible within the suburbs. 

Tourists should visit this excellent place in Assam because it is found amidst many attractive tourist spots like Kaziranga Park, Kamakhya Temple, Bamuni, Umananda Temple, and Suluchi in Assam.


Find a simple handloom job in Sualkuchi. Coming here may be a very generous experience as traditional bamboo looms are often found in every home. 


The locals of Sialuchi, who are known for creating silk weavers and a few magnificent Mekhela Chadar (traditional women’s wreaths), saris, and shawls, lead simple traditional lives. It’s a singular place in Assam for tourists to ascertain and interact with the local lifestyle. 

The good thing about the establishment of the country and thus the character further enhances the charm of this beautiful place in Assam.


Abundant archaeological sites, deep mythological connections, and surprises that make a nature lover go crazy to make Tezpur one among the only places in Assam. The town is usually mentioned because of the city of perpetual romance because it tells the romance of Usha (King Ban’s daughter) and Anirudh (Lord Krishna’s grandson). 


Surrounded by the natural great thing about Tezpur, the Arunachal Pradesh mountains, tea gardens, Brahmaputra is intensifying and hence the northern backdrop of snow-capped Himalayan peaks honestly makes the town very romantic. Tezpur is usually the perfect honeymoon destination in Assam, which reinforces the comfort of affection.


Today, Jorhat is the foremost vital tea research centre within the country, hence it’s now mentioned because of the Tea Capital of India. 


Jorhat is inhabited by people of varied cultures; therefore, the town is periodically seen as a festival or another festival, which is becoming one of the favoured tourist destinations in Assam. the most attractions of Jorhat include the Bengal Pukhuri, the Tengal Manor, the Burigosain Temple, the Poornanand Buragohin Maidan, the Bilveshwar Shiva Temple, the Magolu Khat, the Dhyakhor Bornamgarh, and thus the Raja Maidan. 

This place in Assam is especially famous for its culture, mosques, tombs, gardens and, most significantly, its tea plantations, Jorhat may be a city of cultural and commercial importance within the state of Assam.


A part of history and nature, Majuli could also be an easy place in Assam to travel. It is the important Riparian island in India and one of the foremost important satraps founded by Sankardeva and Madhavdev. 


During the monsoons most of the Majuli Islands sink; However, large islands like Kamalabari, unNati and Garamur are in fitness. Majuli may be a bird watcher’s paradise and camera users were hooked on this place in Assam

Holidays in Assam are incomplete without visiting this sinless destination. As there are almost no hotels, Majuli is one of the places in Assam. Host families are the only option here, but there’s a chance to determine the life-style of the Majuli people during the stay. 


This upper Assam city has been the seat of Ahom for 6 centuries, so you’ll expect Ahom to possess an impact on the architecture and culture here. Ahoms considered Shivsagar to be a golden land where he accidentally came to the present beautiful place in Assam and deserved it as a neighbourhood of power. 

Today, the town is one of the important tea and oil trading centres of Assam. Shivsagar could also be an exquisite place in Assam for history buffs. Also, because the town features a tremendous background, photographers are more likely to be drawn alongside it. Shivsol, Gaurisagar Tank, Joysagar Tank and Temple, Ranggarh, Charido, Ahom Museum, Talatalgarh, and Gurgaon Palace are a variety of tourist attractions in Shivsagar. 

Even the state of Assam that gives various tourist attractions associated with architectural wonders, history, and culture. A number of the foremost popular places in Assam here include a cistern called Bhorpukhuri alongside Joysagar, a man-made lake, the Ahom Museum, the Rudrasagar tank and temples, the Gaurisagar tank and temples. you’ll also visit Kareng Ghar and Rang Ghar.


Understand Dibrugarh, an Indian tea city located within the upper western a neighbourhood of Assam. A big tea trading centre and a true reflection of Assam, Dibrugarh has been a delight for years. Here may be a chance to explore the chaotic face of the Brahmaputra with a natural perspective of natural beauty. 


Dibrugarh could also be a trendy tourist destination to undertake for various adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, and camping, and if you’re travelling to Assam you’re going to be recommended to travel to the present beautiful place in Assam

The town may be a crucial centre for silk garments. Stimuli are beating your senses; Dibrugarh is an experience not overlooked in Assam. These three areas account for about 50% of the Assam tea harvest in India, and this provides Dibrugarh the rightly earned nickname because of the “Tea City of India”. Oil and wood are the opposite two major industries in and around Dibrugarh. Bogbeel Bridge – The longest road and Train Bridge is found here.

North Catcher Hills

Yes, it had often been the place in Assam you were trying to urge out of the mad rush and was within the traditional lap of nature; North Catcher Hills is one of the sole places in Assam to travel. 

A living area with an ever-vibrant culture and landscape, North Catcher could also be a nature-loving paradise with waterfalls, streams, and creeks and hence the luxurious green border. Each of those places in Assam features a secret power that casts out a spell with its beauty and utmost peace.

Barack Valley

Assam finds it and goes on because of Barak Valley. Undoubtedly one of the foremost beautiful places in Assam, the Barak Valley includes the Kacher, Karimganj, and Hailakandi areas. the entire Barak Valley could also be a neighbourhood of lush green hills, tea gardens, flowing rivers (Barak and Kushiro), and a dream of impeccable peace; actually, it is the only place in Assam to travel. 

The main attractive attractions of the Barak Valley are Khaspur, Bhuvan Temple, Salganga, Karimganj, Badarpur Fort, Hailakandi, Pirabadi, Siddheshwar Temple, Adi Kali Temple, and Kachanti Temple. 

Winter is the simplest season to travel to the Barak Valley, but if you wish to enjoy the famous Lakhipur Pineapple, monsoons are the only time to visit Assam. This culturally rich place in Assam is additionally adorned with the bounty of nature and is an ideal base for people seeking peace. Thanks to its religious significance, devotees flock to the present place in Assam in great numbers. 

A visit to the present place in Assam will assist you to relax and unwind during a perfect natural environment around you. Blessed a thick canopy of lush green forest, sprawling tea gardens, beautiful fruit orchards, and a gurgling river, Hailakandi has many hidden treasures waiting to be explored

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is a home for Rhinoceros and is also one of the major national treasures of both prosperity and development. 

Kaziranga national park, as situated in the world heritage site of Assam is very much famous in the entire world. With the great vibe of greenery and nature’s touch makes this place in Assam a worth to visit. 

Even the other districts namely Nagaon, Golaghat, and even Karbi make this national park at the centre of every major place in Assam. And this has increased the attractiveness of this place in a very major format. 

A five-hour drive from Guwahati, Kaziranga Park is a testament to the conservation of wildlife in India. And this had even made the tourist people come and visit the park in a very easy form. 

Even UNESCO granted this place in Assam as a world heritage place in the year of 1985. Safaris are usually conducted day and night during the open time to visit Assam for tourists. Riding elephants is also very fashionable with visitors and wildlife journalists and lovers. Walking in the mountains is one of those activities that are not allowed here to avoid victims. 

Through the park, tens of tons are taken care of so that tourism and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.

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The conclusion

All of these places in Assam have value and fragrance in the history of our country and tell many stories about the culture of our country. However, if you are interested in exploring rich cultural sites with plants and animals, do not miss the Darang tour on your Assam tour. 

With a lovely climate all year round, this beautiful Assam region is even more adorned with beautiful flora and fauna that is carefully preserved in the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. So, time to visit Assam will be your life’s best that you would have ever made.

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