How to Spend Days and Utilize Winter Vacations?

Hey! Winters are coming and each one of you must be excited about the Winter vacations. While many of you must be having a trip planned for the vacation, others might be having plans to stay back home.

Well! I have some must-do’s for this winter vacation that you can try out whether you are on a vacation or even if you are staying back. These fun-filled activities will not only hone your skills but they won’t spoil your vacations, unlike those boring academic activities. Read on more to find out how to make the best of your winters and learn something new.

I have listed some amazing activities that you could do this winter to make it more fruitful so that when you go back to school again, you have something to boast about.

Make a journal: Yes, you read it right. Develop a habit of writing down whatever happened in your day. Even if you are on a vacation, make sure you write every day and make a note of whatever happened.

Believe me, when you do this you will be amazed to find out how good a writer you are and you will be able to re-live the best moments of your life through your journal. So, give it a try.

Learn new mind-boggling games: Have you ever tried your hand at Sudoku or Vedic maths? Try learning these new skills and flaunt your intellect at school. I am sure this will not just keep you interestingly engaged but also sharpen your mind power.

Learn cooking: Believe me, the one who can cook for himself/herself never faces any failure in life. So learn basic cooking so that you can survive all by yourself on any part of the planet and if you find the art interesting, you can always go ahead and keep learning new dishes and master the art.

Go for language classes: Be it computer language skills or perfecting your communicative skills, keep this thing in your checklist to learn a new language. If you are a coding buff, go for a new language or the advanced version of what you are already good at.

And if you are a literature lover, learn a new language other than your native one and be amazed at the beauty of languages. And if you are a business-minded person, go for most useful languages of either coding or communication that can help you expand your acquaintance quickly.

Learning co-habitation: Did you know that you could make friends with birds? Learn to make a bird house and invite some birds. I am sure they will come to you. Observe these birds and all the other birds around you. Try to find out the difference in the formation of their wings, colours and the way they eat.

Learn more about them through books and internet and flaunt your special guests with wings in front of your friends.

Trek in nature: Go out in nature and observe the geographical atmosphere of your region. Look around your house and observe what kind of soil you have, what vegetation and trees are grown in your region. You will love to find out amazing little surprises about your local area which you never knew before.

Go to a nearby library: Going to a library can also be an exciting thing to do this winter. If it’s a chilly afternoon, nothing can be as soothing as a warm sitting area with a good book. As they say, no one is left alone in the company of books.

Books are a vast ocean of information and they have something for everyone around. So check out your nearby library and read some good books that you always wanted to.

Revise your lessons with Ziyyara: When you are done with your vacation fever and you recall that you have to get back to studies, you can always brush up your lessons by revising with your tutorials with Ziyyara. The lessons taught at Ziyyara are recorded and can be used for future references.

That means you can just login and go through your lessons again to kick start your academic session after chilling winters and festivities.

Finish your homework and assignments: I know it sounds too boring but you don’t want to face embarrassment at your fresh day at school, right? So the better way to deal with this is to keep doing a bit everyday and don’t pile it for the last day.

Keep some part of the day to give to your homework and do bit by bit. Your assignments can be equally exciting if you don’t look at them as punishments but as a fun activity.

Vacations can be as exciting and as boring as we want them to be. Try to make your vacations meaningful and avoid wasting time. Playing and having fun is equally important but there is no harm if you back your fun time with some productivity as well. So enjoy  your winter vacations and make yourself smarter and brighter this winter!

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